Hey, I'm Daniela.
(pronouns: she, her, hers)

For me, nothing is more important than connection.

Whether a connection to your inner wisdom, an honoring of your authentic sexuality, or in loving your primary partner,

I am here to inspire you to be true to yourself and to guide you to co-create a life that heals your wounds and fulfills your deepest desires.

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I guide and coach couples and individuals to have the sex they want and the intimacy they desire.

I hold space and empower people to strip away social conditioning and step into self-responsibility.

I do this by supporting them with embodied exercises, practices and breathwork steeped in neuroscience, trauma healing, modern psychology and ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom.



I record the The Epic Couple’s Journey Podcast every week with my partner Shaun so you can get real about your primary relationship instead of falling into the habits and routines of your roles — roles our culture has made up and roles you unconsciously take on.

I also podcast about sex, love and relationships because we are all interconnected and hiding our vulnerability doesn’t do us any good.

Don’t forget: We are here for connection.



I blog to share exercises and practices on Friday mornings to support you to deeply connect with your partner throughout the weekend.

I also write about sex and intimacy
because I want us to explore what holds us back so we can follow our own path no matter the obstacles.

Because we are here for connection.



I live as a social activist and ally for justice, equality, inclusivity, and representation.

As an advocate for legal rights, diverse media depictions, and destigmatization I resist white patriarchy, racism, heterosexism, homophobia, transphobia, and, and, and….

We are all interconnected and worthy of love and our own authentic expression.

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