5 Elements of Sexuality to Explore for Greater Authenticity

Not long ago, I was triggered back into the idea that my sexuality is defined by climax.

I felt broken, worthless, undeserving.

When I calmed down, I asked myself,

What is it that orgasm represents to you, Daniela?

To me, climax signified an embodied and integrated sexuality. 

I saw climax as evidence my mind can be calm and safe and relaxed while allowing my body to show up fully to pleasure.

But that doesn’t resonate with my personal experience. 


Can I experience epic sex without climax?


Can I experience legendary love without climax?


And so can you. Climax doesn't have to be how you define your sexuality.

I encourage you to consider the beauty and complexity of sexuality beyond climax as a goal and to reach for something greater — authentic sexuality.

Your sexuality is not HOW OFTEN you have sex.

What you THINK about sex isn't the entirety of your sexuality.

Your sexuality isn't even encompassed in how you FEEL about sex.

Your BELIEFS aren't the end-all, be-all of your sexuality.

You can't even EXPRESS your sexuality without all of the rest.

Authentic sexuality is a unique combination of your body, mind, heart, and spirit. 

Your sexuality is ALL of these things. 

It involves five elements: your sexual actions, your sexual feelings, and your sexual expression as well as your thoughts and beliefs about sex.

Authentic sexuality is all about what is real and genuine and believable and trustworthy about you and your sexuality. 

Step into your authentic sexuality, and your sexuality will thank you!

All my love,