[Guest Blog] Moana, A Feminist Masterpiece

WARNING: The word "pussy" is used in this article as a reclamation of the word and is inspired by Mama Gena's revolutionary book Pussy: A Reclamation.


I am blown away with the epiphany I had today!

Here it is….



Here's why: 

Today I went to the cinema to watch the new Disney film Moana. I hadn't heard of it before. I just looked to see what was on and knew that was what I had to watch.



It is the feminist film of the century! 

It fucking blew my mind in so many ways. It is the epitome of the hero and heroine's journey rolled into one.

The symbolism is incredible!

First, the Goddess created the world from her heart (Read “pussy”. Maybe one day soon we'll actually have a film that says that word instead of using “heart” as a substitute. Thankfully we're all working on that.).

Maui (read “the patriarchy”), a demi-God, steals the Goddess's heart (pussy), and so all the lands and all of creation start to wither and die. (In Mama Gena's book, Pussy, Amaterasu is an ancient Japanese Sun Goddess who retreats into darkness causing all of the lands to wither and die after her vulva is struck by her brother.)

Moana, a mortal heroine, hears the call of the ocean when she is a little girl. The ocean has chosen her to restore the Goddess's heart, but her father is afraid of Moana’s dreams and wants her to follow in his footsteps. (Moana is the divine feminine embodied—deeply connected to the animals and the natural world).

Moana fights her call but her grandma (the wise old crone) reminds her to remember who she is. So she sets off on her adventure to find Maui and restore the Goddess's heart!

AND guess what happens just before that moment of victory, just before all is saved and won?!


The biggest, scariest, grizzliest monster of them all comes out to play. 

The heroine is ready to give up. 

She faces death.

BUT THEN SHE REMEMBERS HER SOUL’S MISSION (cue dead grandma), AND SHE FLASHES HER PUSSY (Actually it's the heart, but in Mama Gena's story it's a pussy, and we all know it’s a pussy really.)—and she finds the courage and strength to defeat the final demon and restore the GREAT GODDESS!!!!

Trump is just that big, scary baddie at the end. Sonic's Dr Eggman. Mario's Wario!


I don't care what anyone says! Popular culture reflects what is going on in society more than its toupee-wearing leaders.

2016 has been a fantastic year for feminism and for PUSSYS!

If you haven't seen it already, RUN TO YOUR NEAREST CINEMA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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