Relationships Are Tough Work

A book. 

My spouse and I left the decision to marry one another up to a book. 

We were young, but we were also very responsible — to a fault.

Having fun, going to parties, hanging with friends? Not us. We were going to school full time and working forty hours a week.

We were kind of boring.

In fact, we were so responsible that Shaun and I downgraded our relationship at a time when we both acknowledged being unhappy. Our lives were filled to the brim with school and work, but we hadn't made the relationship a priority, and we certainly hadn't made our individual well-being a priority.

So when we decided to give it another shot, we watched friends get married and took notice when some were being tested. We wondered how and why others got married and considered what would make us right for each other. 

But that’s the thing.

People don’t seem to talk openly and honestly about their relationships or their decision-making processes. They have trouble sharing their fears, their desires, and the reasons why they love, get married, stay together, or even leave. It's all in the dark.

Because of this silence, many people feel unloved, lost, or resigned.

They feel alone.

So what gave us hope? What gave Shaun and me a foundation for patience and understanding?


It was reading and discussing Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix. It was working through the exercises, one a week, and being honest with ourselves and one another.

I can honestly say it's one of the few books that may actually change your life.

So I invite you to a month-long, private, online read and discuss group exploring Getting the Love You Want starting on October 1. Join me by sending $3 via PayPal, and I will add you to the Facebook group. 

How does it work? What can you expect?

We break the reading up over a month, giving you time to read, digest, and apply what you are learning. With prompts posted several times throughout the week, you can participate as you like or remain a thoughtful observer. Posting experiences or emotions that come up and asking questions of the group are all part of the experience, too.

Reading not your thing?

You and I (or your significant other, you, and I) can still work on these things together. Schedule some time with me, and we will talk about getting the love you want.

Because we are all worthy of love. We are all so worthy of love.

Right there with you,