Emotions Divination - Using Essential Oils to Feel Your Emotions

I am doing a lot of personal work around sensations and healing these days.

Years ago I learned that before an emotion there is a sensation – a physical response in the body to stimuli. Sometimes it’s a sight or a sound or a smell or the way something feels or tastes. Even a thought or memory can stimulate a sensation, and thus, an emotion. 

But emotions aren’t meant to stay in the body stuck on repeat. 

We are meant to feel them and then release them. 

Is there an emotion you’re not feeling? Or maybe one you’re not releasing?

When this happens in me, I often turn to essential oils to get to the root of the issue. Different oils can help me get in touch with the sensation causing the emotion, and oftentimes I can release them and move on.

I’ve created this emotions divination exercise for you as inspired by Nicole Cody’s oracle readings on her blog Cauldrons and Cupcakes. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you share your experience by leaving a comment below.

Instructions for using today’s post:

Let each image speak to you in its own way.  One of them will have wisdom just for you!

Scroll down through the following images, and then let yourself come back to the one you are most drawn to.

When you have chosen your image, scroll further down for your message. Take what resonates for you, and apply it in your life over the coming weeks.

Trust that you will be shown what you most need to know right now.

Feeling it with you,

Let the divine guide you to the tree or flower that resonates the most.

1. Frankincense


2. Geranium


3. Cinnamon


4. Clove


5. Ylang Ylang


The Emotion and Message of Each Tree or Flower

Each tree or flower image has a message for you. Each one also corresponds to its essential oil, the soul or chi of the flora. You can apply the oil to the bottoms of your feet or on the back of your neck to support you in feeling and releasing the emotion. Breathe in the message of the tree or flower of your choice and as you exhale vocalize its associated affirmation. Finally, the action step is a tangible way you can begin incorporating this wisdom into your life.

1.  FRANKINCENSE – The Oil of of Truth

Message – You may be feeling abandoned, disconnected, or unprotected by a higher power. Frankincense can help you reveal the truth of your soul by connecting you to your divine inner light.

Affirmation – I am loved. I am protected. I am connected.

Action Step –  Take this time to meditate and pray as frankincense opens a channel to a higher power. Let the grounded, fatherly nature of this oil connect you to your source and light. Remember that there is a deep strength and wisdom within you.

2.  GERANIUM – The Oil of Love and Trust

Message – You may be feeling unloved, lost, or heavy hearted in relationships. Geranium can help you connect and love by facilitating a trust in others. 

Affirmation – I am loved. I am supported. I am trusting. I am forgiving.

Action Step – Take this time to lead with the heart. Hold a baby, interact with a young child, or play with a dog. Get in touch with unconditional love and the trust of youth to soften and open to human connection.

3.  CINNAMON – The Oil of Sexual Harmony

Message – You may be feeling disconnected from your sexuality or insecure about your body and relationship. Cinnamon invites you into warmth and circulation  – a spiciness – so you can be honest and vulnerable and thereby intimate and connected.

Affirmation – I am honest. I am vulnerable. I am connected. I am free. 

Action Step – Take this time to get into your body. Do what makes your body feel good and what makes you feel attractive like dancing, taking a bath, or getting a massage. Find ways to nurture your body and celebrate what you love about yourself.

4.  CLOVE – The Oil of Boundaries

Message – You may be feeling defeated, afraid of rejection, or co-dependent. Clove supports you in letting go of victim mentality by reconnecting you to your personal integrity.

Affirmation – I am strong. I am powerful. I am in control.

Action Step – Take this time to journal and get clear on what is serving you. List the people who support, embrace, and celebrate all of you. Separately acknowledge the people who unduly influence you, the people around whom you feel powerless, and those who put you down. Brainstorm ways to spend more time with the first group. Establish ways you can establish boundaries with the second group.

5. YLANG YLANG – The Oil of the Inner Child

Message – You may be feeling joyless, grief, or sadness. Ylang Ylang connects you to your heart and the pure, simple joy of childlike play and innocence. 

Affirmation – I am light. I am in flow. I am joy.

Action Step – Take this time to play. Get into nature, go for a walk, or skip on the sidewalk. Look for rainbows in the sky and joy in the details around you. You can also play boardgames or physical games like bowling or mini golf in addition to spending time in the company of children who are creative and fun.