3 Things Only People Who Have Created A Couple Bubble Feel


I invite you for a moment to imagine experiencing life within a couple bubble.

Imagine what it feels like to feel completely loved...absolutely safe...fully accepted...with the person you love and the person who loves you.

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

What can you hear?

What do you smell?

What are you tasting?

And then imagine for a moment what you could do from within a space of being nourished and having your deepest met needs.


Stan Tatkin, author of Wired for Love, describes a couple bubble as a mutually constructed membrane, cocoon, or womb that hold your partner and you together as a couple and protects each of you from the outside elements.

And in this episode of the Epic Couples Podcast, Shaun and I talk about our experience creating a couple bubble. Specifically we talk about what it would feel like to have connection in our relationship along with how we each contribute to more and to less connection in our relationship.

Hear Shaun say, “Especially when you’re stressed—mostly when you’re stressed—you don’t absorb what I’m telling you emotionally. You might absorb them factually, but you don’t absorb what I’m telling as truth.” 

Hear me commit to Shaun, “I will see you as an ally.”

I invite you to listen in as we discuss Tatkin’s labels for different attachment styles such as anchor, island, and wave, in addition to our exploration of the differences between listening and really hearing one another.

Through our conversation, I invite you to explore for yourself what qualities you want and need in your relationship, imagine where you overlap and where you don’t with your partner, and be inspired to explore your unmet needs to create a couple bubble for your relationship.

Because love, safety, and acceptance in relationship? 

Well, that's (almost) all you need. 

Sending you love,