Can We Guess What Blocks You From Happiness?

How happy do you let yourself be? 

How happy do you let yourself be in your relationship?

I really wish I could say I've found the key to happiness or that I could even define what happiness is

But I can't. 

In fact, in this episode of the Epic Couples PodcastHappiness, Blocks, and Belief Systems—Shaun and I explore happiness and our struggles with fun, privilege, and fear. 

You see, I'm curious about what blocks and beliefs might stand in the way of us all experiencing happiness. 

For example, what might be possible if we felt more comfortable feeling and expressing our emotions?

Shaun says, “I’m just not a fun guy,” which hurts my heart, because I have so much fun with him.

And when I take a step back, and ask him, “What could be possible if you believed there is an abundance of happiness?” there's space for more happiness to emerge.


So how about you? 

I invite you to connect with happiness and what blocks you from experiencing more of it by following these eight steps:

Get two pillows and place them facing each other on the floor or on a bed. Then sit on one pillow facing the other pillow.

STEP TWO: Describe Happiness
Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and to connect with your body. When you're ready, describe happiness out loud, exploring where you feel it in your body and the sensations you feel when you experience happiness.

STEP THREE: Project Happiness
Project and see happiness on the pillow out in front of you. You don't have to open your eyes to do this; you can keep them closed if you like. Then describe what you notice and feel inside as you see happiness in front of you. Happiness may look different or feel different, so just be open and follow your imagination. 

STEP FOUR: Embody Happiness
Switch and sit on the other pillow to embody happiness. Feel your body and your sensations as if you are happiness, and describe how that feels out loud.

STEP FIVE: Happiness' Wants and Needs
Look now at yourself in your human form sitting on the pillow across from you from this state of embodied happiness. Then describe what happiness wants and needs from your human self by responding to the following questions:

  • What do you need?
  • What do you desire?
  • What is your purpose?

STEP SIX: Response
Switch back to the first pillow and back to being yourself, and take in what happiness has shared. Then respond to happiness by sharing if you can meet its needs and wants.

STEP SEVEN: A Relationship
Initiate your relationship with happiness. For example, you might pick up the pillow and hug it. You might swing the pillow from side to side. You might get up and dance with the pillow.  Allow happiness to flow through you, and commit to this new relationship with happiness.

STEP EIGHT: Integrate
When you’re ready, move both of the pillows out of the way and either lie or rest in stillness for a few minutes until you're ready to get up and the process feels complete.

In talking in this week's podcast, Shaun and I came to some conclusions that happiness may be the ability to see truth behind things, the reality behind things, or to accept the reality behind things.

What do you see when you connect to happiness?

Hit reply to this email, and let me know. I'd love to hear. <3

Wishing you a heart filled with happiness,