How to Have Connected Sex * | Listen to the Epic Couples Podcast | *

MMmmmMMmm. Connected sex.

It's the same feeling I have as when I think of a donut.

I'm kind of serious. 

It's sweet and sugary and a total treat.

A treat I want EVERY DAY.

And just like with a donut, there are some consequences to setting myself up for connected sex every day. 

With donuts it's calories and horrific blood sugar and digestive issues.

With connected sex it involves a focus on intention.

So what does it take to have connected sex? 


Well, in this week's, Epic Couples podcast Shaun and I explore what connected sex means for each of us, including positions, quickies, and how to have epic sex every single time.

We talk about exercises for connection and reclaiming sexuality along with how to know if you or your partner is ready to have sex. You'll hear Shaun talk about how eye gazing strips down love to the bare essentials and what I ask and do when I want to have sex.

It takes work. It takes commitment. It takes some skills and a willingness to be open to one another. 

Overall, it takes desire. You have to want connected sex with your partner.

Believe me, though, it's a treat you won't be able to get enough of.

With all the sugar and sweetness,