Play "Would You Rather" to Find Out How Important Sex Is * | Listen to the Epic Couples Podcast | *

Would you rather:

A: Unwind with TV
B: Have sex with your partner

A: Masturbate or self-pleasure
B: Have sex with your partner

A: Go to sleep or sleep in
B: Have sex with your partner

A: Do chores around the house
B: Have sex with your partner

How important is sex?

I'm not interested in some culturally-ingrained response.

I want you to truly consider how important sex is to you and how important sex is in your relationship.

I invite you to close your eyes, slowly breathe in and out, and say out loud, "How important is sex to me?"

And then listen to your body's response. 


As a sex and intimacy coach, I'm not asking to validate my own ideas. I believe it's different for every couple. 

I ask because I feel it's vital to be on the same page as your partner, especially around a topic as complicated as sex.

What does sex mean in your relationship? What does it contribute or take away from connection with your partner? 

In this week's Epic Couples podcast, my partner Shaun and I start with the question, "How important is sex?" We discuss sex and sexuality’s role and importance in life as well as what holds us back from being sexually free.

We look at sex as a tool for exploration, how men are taught to pursue sex, and what it would feel like to be unleashed from social conditioning around sex. Shaun talks about what happens when men say no to sex, and Daniela shares what she experienced when emotional intimacy was misconstrued as sexual interest. 

We can't even answer the question, "How important is sex?" because there's so much in the way of even being able to discuss how important sex is.

And still, we consider the question.

Listen to the podcast, consider it for yourself, and let me know what you think by responding with a comment below.

It's something we can all benefit from gaining clarity around.

With love and hope for clarity,

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