Want to Be EPIC? * | Listen to the Epic Couples Podcast | *

Over the last nine months I've been working full time on integrating the wisdom and experience of becoming a sex, love, and relationships coach.

You know what I learned?

No one teaches you how to THRIVE.

It's all about surviving. 

The psychologists, life coaches, and sex therapists I've seen in the past worked to keep me afloat. It felt like a long, never-ending struggle for nothing more than survival.

That's why I am so passionate about coaching. It involves taking action in achieving your desires and goals with support and accountability, not just healing the past and putting out fires in your present.

As a sex and intimacy coach, I help couples who are living a dull, flat, stagnant life filled with obligations, responsibilities, and commitments. I help them define what it means to be an epic couple, to THRIVE, and then I support them in stepping into that reality.

In the first episode of my Epic Couples podcast, my partner, Shaun, and I explore what it means to be epic. We discuss different definitions of “epic” and talk about what it takes to have epic sex, an epic connection, and an epic life.

We chat about hot triggers in our relationship, co-creating epic sex, and feeling more than you ever thought you could.

Epic Couples Podcast Art.PNG

I invite you to take a listen, because if you are emotionally disconnected and sexually unfulfilled, if you have have tried couples counseling, date nights, yoga, and meditation, then Epic Couples is for you.

If you have forgotten who you are and forgotten how to be with your partner, then Epic Couples is for you.

Through this podcast Shaun and I set out to embolden your relationship by stripping away social conditioning and stepping into self-responsibility, so you can choose what is authentic and true for you in a life co-created with epic sex, deep intimacy, passion, and pleasure.

Because we all deserve to THRIVE.

To your thriving and mine,

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