What's Missing From Couples Counseling?

What do you do if you're experiencing challenges in your relationship that feel too heavy to bear on your own?

You try books...at least, one of you does.
You try talking it out.
You try avoiding it, ignoring it, and just plain hoping it'll go away.

You try date nights.
You try scheduling sex.
You try spicing things up.

You try yoga.
You try meditation.
You try focusing on improving yourself. 

If you try couples counseling, no one tells you that according to some research:

  • Around 25 percent of couples who receive marriage therapy report their relationship is worse two years after ending therapy
  • As many as 38 percent of couples who receive marriage therapy get divorced within four years of completing therapy**

That's not good news. 

And yet what I know for myself and for others is that couples counseling is one of the last vestiges of hope left for a couple seeking a better life together. 


In this week's Epic Couples podcast, Shaun and I explore what’s missing from couples counseling. We share our experiences with sex therapists, orgasmic meditation (OMing) coaches, psychologists, and life coaches. 

And we discuss what's helped us with clarity, communication, connection, healing, and accessing a deeper sexual connection in our relationship. I invite you to take a listen, and let me know what you think.

Because we all deserve to thrive, especially in relationship.

Sending you love,

P.S. To learn more about what’s missing from couples counseling, go to danielatanner.com to download a quick guide to start filling in the blanks in your own relationship.

** Statistics taken from this website