3 Steps to Slowing Down and Reveling in Your Personal Sexual Energy

Do you believe in sexual energy?

Have you experienced it for yourself?

Felt it expand...felt it move...felt it transform inside of you?

I met with some very successful entrepreneurs last week who are interested in making a sexual health app. 

Many parts of the conversation were around people's experiences with masturbation.

So many of us don't consider masturbation to be a time of sacred self-pleasure. 

It's not an experience of sexual energy.

It's about tension orgasms. Getting to sleep. Letting off some steam. Avoiding irritating your partner with (perceived) unwanted advances.

Sexual energy, though...

is something you can create on your own within your own body.

You can co-create sexual energy with another person or with other people.


Your sexual energy.

Your body.

Your sensations.

Your pleasure.

You don't owe it to anyone else. It isn't owned by anyone else.

You don't have to be grateful or thankful for its presence due to someone else.

It's yours.

...to be experienced and moved and expressed how you choose.


Here are three steps to slowing down and reveling in your personal sexual energy:

STEP ONE: Your Turn-on and Pleasure

Let's say you see an attractive person on the street. Or let's say you touch yourself in just the right way. Let's say you see you partner from afar and feel a stirring of desire.

Regardless of the inspiration, feel the sensations of turn-on and pleasure in your body. Feel them as yours. Your body. Your sensations.

STEP TWO: Slow Down and Revel

Inhale into your genitals or wherever you're experiencing sensations of pleasure and turn-on. Feel yourself bathed in this sexual turn-on. Feel yourself blessed, feel that this experience is a blessing to have. Feel this infusion of life, this infusion of turn-on.

If it feels natural, feel grateful for it.

Also, feel that you don’t have to do anything about it. You don’t have to pursue it, you don’t have to try to fuck it, harass it or bother it. You can just enjoy the energy without repressing it. 

Exhale, and consciously move your turn-on throughout your body, letting it light you up inside. Feel your own sense of power.


Feel into your body, into your sexuality, your heart, your mind. Decide how and when and with whom you might want to share your sexual energy. 

Know that you can keep it for yourself to play with, to bathe in, to explore.

And you can share it...if you want.

Sending you so much love,

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