5 Steps for Rewriting the Narrative of Your Sex Life

When it comes to sex, are you living a choreographed experience or are you experiencing sex as art?

Who wrote the story of your sex life? 

Who determined the steps?

Who picked out the music?

Who chose your partner? 

- WAS IT YOU? - 


Most of us have been infused with unhealthy patterns, an absence of role models, offered fear-filled education, and shallow talks about "the birds and the bees."

It's not your fault if the sex you're having feels out-of-touch with who you really are.

It's not your fault if it feels numb or dulled or if you disassociate from the whole experience.

What I want you to understand now is that you have a choice.

You are empowered.

You have access to tools and resources and support that can guide you to authentic sexuality.

You can experience healing through sexuality. 

You can connect with yourself and with your partner from a place of deep love, safety, and belonging to experience SEX AS ART. 


Here are five steps to consciously and intentionally set the stage of your sex life:

STEP ONE: Your Tribe
Imagine yourself as an infant just being born. Imagine a tribe of people raising you with sexual values that celebrate the whole of humanity in the highest possible way.

Imagine what you'd want your tribe to teach you about your body as a baby, about play, about fun, and about pleasure. Hear what they would share around your body and different parts of your sexual anatomy.

As you grow to notice people, imagine what you'd want your tribe to teach you about gender, about different expressions of sexuality and love. Hear what they would share around homosexuality, bisexuality and identifying as queer or transgender.

STEP THREE: Teenager
As your hormones shift and your body changes, imagine what you'd want your tribe to teach you about the value and meaning of sex in addition to sexual boundaries, sexual safety, and using your voice. Hear their guidance and support around your first sexual experiences.

STEP FOUR: Young Adult
Imagine stepping into more freedom as a young adult, and imagine what you'd want your tribe to say to you around honoring pleasure and acknowledging your desires. Hear what they would share with you about orgasms, numbers of partners, and orgies, threesomes, and fetishes.

STEP FIVE: Adulthood
Coming into full bloom as an adult, imagine what you'd want your tribe to offer you in the way of guidance around sacred and spiritual sexuality. Hear the positive myths, sexual practices, marriage ceremonies, and/or consecrations they want to share with you.

Experience conscious sex positivity in your body and in your mind with a narrative rewritten from birth to adulthood. 

Give yourself permission by rewiring your entire nervous system to experience SEX AS ART.

After all, how you experience sex is how you experience life.

Sending you so much love,

P.S. I would LOVE to hear your new sexual narrative if you want to hit reply to this email and share it with me.