Bring Out Your Partner's Worst to Discover Their Truth (Here's How)

We all know what love feels like. 

Your chest expands. It feels full. You feel light and clear. Your smile can't get any bigger. Your heart may even feel like it's cracking and breaking open to emerge even fuller than before. Your bones melt. Your insides are warm. 

You feel like you can do anything.

You feel like you can be anyone. 


It's amazing. 

Then there are those moments when love seems to twist and fold in on itself. 

You feel small. You start to contract and round your shoulders forward. Your feel a stab of sharpness in your solar plexus or gut. Your eyes can't focus. Your arms tingle and numb. You feel heavy and want to drop to your knees. 

You feel like you have to fight.

You feel like you have to run.

You feel like you have to freeze.


It's terrifying.

The hard truth is that love—and your partner—bring out the best and worst in you. 

And that's okay!


In this week's episode, Your Partner Brings Out Your Best And Worst, Shaun and I talk about relationships as being constantly in the pursuit of your partner's truth.

And you can't sit in the center of your truth unless you're willing to take a hard look at your habits, your reactions, and your wounds.

In fact, Shaun and I share the problems we see when couples don’t fight at all (in our humble opinion, it's not good to not fight). 

Hear Shaun say, “There are a lot of arguments in a relationship where you're both right.”

You'll hear me say, “When your worst comes out, that's really awesome because at least it's conscious, and you can deal with it. You can grow from it. You can heal it.”

I'd love for you to listen as we share the transformation that happens when you see your partner as they truly are—for better and for worse.

The good news is holding space for your partner’s deepest truth to emerge is the key to bringing out the best in them.

And you can learn how to do that by listening to this 24-minute guided audio and Holding Space Training!

Because your beautiful complexity as a human being goes beyond just "best" and "worst" and into a deep loving and compassionate acceptance of yourself just as you are.

Sending you so much love,