Can You Guess Why Your Sex Menu Needs More Spice?

“I’ll start with some light kissing, helpful undressing, oiled caressing, and then get the special...followed by the recap.”

I hand him the menu.

“Would you like anything to drink?” he asks.


In this week's episode of the Epic Couples Podcast entitled, What's On the Sex Menu?, Shaun and I discuss how talking about “what’s on the sex menu” is a playful way of asking your partner what they’re up for, like what’s okay to ask for and what’s okay to offer.... 

It’s funny, though. 

Despite that exquisite sex you had in the beginning of the relationship, sex begins to taper off, tamper down.

The meal becomes more bland.

The options become more limited.

It’s not because you don’t love one another and want to go to another restaurant.

Hell, it isn’t even because you’re getting soft around the edges or are less delectable.

I believe it’s because you’re balancing between two things in your relationship—safety and exhilaration. 

It's hard to have both at the same time.

Take a listen to this week's podcast, and hear Shaun say, “How easy is it to forget those butterflies in your stomach of when you first met your partner?” as we explore why the options for sexual acts change over time in a long term relationship or marriage.

You'll hear me say, “You want a comfort level, a certain stability, a certain safety, so you set the menu to 5-7 sexual positions, if you’re lucky, and 3-5 sexual acts" as Shaun and I discuss what sex feels like with different “menus” in place.

I invite you to celebrate your go-to favorites in the bedroom and be curious about where you might expand and deepen sexual connection with your partner.

Consider what holds you back and what the benefits might be of truly delicious sex menu.

Getting brave and vulnerable might just satisfy you both. ;)

To a deep and varied sex menu,

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