Here's What Happened Before We Recorded This Week's Podcast

I didn't want to record this week's podcast.

It was time, though.

In fact, we were already a day past deadline.

I said no.

I sat on the bed with my stomach filled with nausea and tears ready to escape my eyes.

I gave it a chance anyway and said, "Okay. Let's record."

Photo by  Kat J

Photo by Kat J

That's what happened when I held space for Shaun to feel his emotions...and when I was subsequently triggered by that holding that space.

In this week's episode, When Your Partner’s Emotions Trigger You, I say, "I feel abandoned because of how you're holding your feelings."

With experience around these matters, Shaun says, "We know that your triggers trigger my triggers and vice versa."

In post-production Shaun might have cut it out. He may not have.

But I cry throughout the recording and at one point sob and have to take a moment before returning to the mic.

Being in a relationship isn't easy.

All too often we aren't exposed to the reality of being in a long term relationship and what happens behind closed doors.

It's all "happy endings" and sitcom clichés. 

And that's HARMFUL.

It leads to shame.

It leads to isolation.

It leads to a fear that you're the only one going through what you're going through and so you must be a bad person, a wrong person, a broken person.

People don't reach out for help because of this shame and isolation and fear. 

You don't know that it's normal and that very helpful, healing practices and processes exist to support you and your partner through this.

That's why Shaun and I do what we do.

That's why we share our relationship with you and give you a real and authentic look behind the curtain at what we go through on our journey as a couple. 

It isn't always epic...

but there's always love.

Sending -you- love, in case you need a little more in your life,