This Is Why Dragging Your Relationship Into A Meeting Won't Work

"Meetings are stupid." 


That's Shaun talking, because he's got some really strong opinions about meetings.

He's worked in start-ups and big corporations, and from what I hear at home, that's what it boils down to:

Meetings are stupid.

In this week's Better Than Relationship Meetings episode on the Epic Couples Podcast, Shaun and I talk about balancing individual needs with the needs of the relationship.

Instead of calling a meeting, we explore how to let your partner know you need to talk.

We discuss how to have difficult conversations and the challenge of expecting attention and acknowledgement when you’re not speaking your partner’s love language (find out what your love language is here).

For example, I keep cooking and cleaning, and no one in my family cares about acts of service.

That's not going to work....

In fact, hear me say, “Cultural conditioning has told me that’s what a mom does. She cooks, she cleans, she keeps things organized and on task. That’s what a husband wants from his wife. That’s what children want for their mom...And that’s completely inaccurate for our family.”


Through our conversation, feel for yourself when is the best time to talk with your partner and how you can connect with vulnerability and sensitivity.

Consider your priorities as you balance between your individual needs and your relationship’s needs while managing a household and other responsibilities.

What do you need to thrive?

Sending you love,