This Is Why Holding Space Is Necessary For Your Relationship (I'll Train You How)

I struggle with holding space for Shaun.

I want to interject and talk about how I'm doing. 

I want to ask detailed questions.

Sometimes I tell Shaun he's wrong....

Mostly, though, I want to fix things.

It's super hard for me to see my partner in pain or puzzled over something he's facing. 


If you've listened to the Epic Couples Podcast, you've heard how Shaun over the last few years and with a lot of practice has become PHENOMENAL (my word, not his) at holding space for me.

He doesn't take my emotions personally. 

He allows me to come to my own conclusions.

He listens with this spaciousness that often leads me to great clarity.


It fact, I pay professionals $180 an hour to do the same thing. 

That's because having someone hold space for you—especially inside of a safe container—is

 - T R A N S F O R M A T I O N A L - 

holding-space 800 wide.png

In this week's episode, Holding Space with Tantra and Containers, Shaun and I talk about the benefits of containers and how to hold space for one another.

This is so we can safely express emotions and our sexuality.

We also explore Tantra as a spiritual process for going down and in to the body for connecting to the divine. 

(This Tantric Breathwork session is a way you can explore how to hold space for yourself.)

Hear Shaun say, “I put my pain in my pocket and then I listen to you” so he can hold space and not take my emotions personally.

As I work on holding space for him, I ask Shaun, “What allows you to feel safe expressing yourself?”

I invite you to come listen as we look at what containers are, how to create them, and how to hold space for your partner and for yourself.

Whether you do this in meditation while observing your sensations, emotions, and thoughts or with your partner by listening and offering a space for their deepest truth to emerge, holding space inside a container is key for connecting and expressing freely.

Try it for yourself. <3

Sending you love,

P.S. I didn't truly get it until I did this Holding Space Training and had an embodied experience of my habits and tendencies.

Try it out with your partner, and reply to this email to let me know what you experienced.