This Is Why I'm Thinking About What Matters Most This Week





Experiences like these crack open the primal brain and our need to survive.

They deeply access our emotions in the limbic system and tap into how we want to feel in our lives.

These ceremonies and rituals invite us to think deeply about the experiences we're having as human beings. 

So this last week when Shaun's and my three-year old niece passed away and we were having conversations about life insurance and death benefits and we had to put our cat down, I wasn't surprised to find myself taking several steps backward.

I found myself thinking: 

What matters most?

What value do I bring to my family?

How do I offer my gifts to society?

Am I worthy of life?

Heavy questions, for sure, and not always ones with easy answers that are applicable to every day life.

What I -do- know is that I care.

I deeply care.

I'm committed to learning and growing and understanding and supporting human beings in our interconnected experiences of LIFE.


Which is why today I want to offer you an opportunity to step inside the comfort and safety and love of a bubble, so you can feel what truly matters most in your life.

Here are four quick steps for creating a bubble with your partner:

Sit across from your partner and feel yourselves surrounded by a bright, beautiful energy.

You can see it as a certain color—gold or bright white are good ones to start with or you can choose a particular color that suits you as a couple.

Visualize yourselves surrounded by this bubble, and begin to experience it as a sacred space for the two of you to play in.

Decide together what you are releasing from this bubble.

Anything that you want to let go of or move away from, state it out loud. Say “I release...” and feel as though you are throwing that energy and experience outside of the bubble.

For example:

  • “I release trying too hard.”
  • “I release needing to have an orgasm.”
  • “I release judgement.”
  • “I release criticism.”
  • “I release manufactured stress.”
  • “I release being in my mind.”

Let anything come up, and one by one, take your time and throw out whatever you are each releasing from this bubble.

Set a timer and spend about five minutes doing this while taking turns back and forth releasing what each of you no longer wants.

When time is up, thank each other for sharing the experience.

Now call in what you each want to experience, what you want to feel, what you desire here in this bubble by saying:

  • “I call in....”

Then pull down that quality and fill up your bubble with it. 

Set the timer again for about five minutes. Take turns back and forth calling in the qualities you do want, and when time is up thank each other.

Share what you experienced, and share what you learned.

Discuss what action steps the two of you can take to feel the way you want to feel in life as you co-create a magnificent, epic life together.

These precious moments in life where we have an opportunity to reflect and assess what it is we're doing with our lives and who we are...

Don't squander them.

I invite you to hold on to that fleeting thought or desire and take five minutes to consider how different the trajectory of your life might be if you followed a different path.

You are worthy of living...and of THRIVING.

Sending you so much love,

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