This Is Why People Believe Men Only Want Sex and That Men Are Owed Sex

Tell me about a beautiful, radiant woman walking down the street toward you. 


What does she look like?

What sensations does looking at her inspire inside of you?


Do you want to have sex with her? 

Do you want to be her?

Do you feel like she owes you sex?


I don't ask to put you on edge, to accuse you, or even to judge you. 

Because chances are you were conditioned just like my partner, Shaun, and I were to believe men only want sex and that men are owed sex. 

And that hurts us all.

In this episode of the Epic Couples Podcast entitled, Sexual Miscommunication and Societal Conditioning, Shaun and I explore miscommunication, cultural conditioning, and the art of listening and hearing.

We talk specifically about how men and women have been taught to believe that all men want is sex while discussing ways to reprogram men and women with awareness, role modeling, and holding space.

Hear me say, “This is my body and I don’t want to hug anyone and that’s okay” while Shaun says, “You cannot fix your partner. Don’t try. Just listen.”

You can listen in as we share what we’re trying to teach our kids and what we’re trying to learn for ourselves in our relationship.

We invite you to feel for yourself what messages you have received from media and society that aren’t true for you.

Consider the idea that your partner’s pain—while you exacerbate it—is not about you.

You are not the origin of their pain, and the idea that holding space is the greatest service you can provide for your partner and the people in your life.

Join us in digging deeper into the dynamics at play within -your- relationship as you release what isn't yours and welcome more of what it is.

Holding you in your desires,