This Is Why Relaxation In Sex and In Life is So Hard

"Let's let our inner children come out to play."

I am back from four days with a dear friend at a beach condo where we let our inner children get cinnamon rolls and Cheetos at the grocery store.

We sat in fluffy cloud beds watching Netflix and enjoyed carpet picnics while gazing at the waves.

Now that I'm home, I'm having a hard time transitioning back into work and domesticity.


Now that I've relaxed, it's difficult to pick up priorities and responsibilities to get going.


In this week's episode, Sex Practices and Relaxation, Shaun and I talk about how difficult it is to set down priorities and responsibilities to relax.

Is it the weight of commitments, obligations, priorities, and responsibilities that make them so hard to pick up and set down?

I'm not sure.

I do feel that in the U.S. relaxation is perceived as weakness. Maybe that explains why in this week's podcast we explore Shaun’s perception of happiness as a weakness and my often inability to relax.

Listen in as Shaun says, “It feels like happiness is a setup.”

I'm relieved that in this episode we share how our weekly sex practice offers an opportunity to feel safe and to tune in to connect to one another.

Hear me say, “Time with you recalibrated my nervous system so I was capable of setting down these things that would keep my mind busy. My body felt safe and grounded and secure. It felt happy and connected and loved, so I didn't have my brain running in circles.”

For me it comes down to having a safe, held container in which I can set down everything else and focus on being present whether that's Shaun's and my sex practice or four days away with a friend.

I'm curious about when you allow yourself time to relax and how you do it (TEACH ME!).

I'm also curious about how you set up safety, love, and acceptance in your sex life (here's how to set up a sex practice if you need some help). 

Here's hoping we can teach one another a few things, so we can all feel worthy of thriving.

Sending you permission to relax and let go and so much love,