This Is Why You (and I) Are Worthy Of Better Sex


Before I tell you about why you are worthy of better sex, can I take a minute to get real with you?

Because I need to get real with myself first.

Let's get real.

I am a stay-at-home mom.

I don't like staying home.

And I'm not a confident mom.

It's not a good job for me.

It doesn't play to my strengths.

And yet it's really important to me. It underscores my values. 

I'm a stay-at-home mom becomes it matters to me that my three children feel the presence of their mother even if I'm not very good at being present.

So I stay in the position. Feeling worthless.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I weren't a stay-at-home mom...

If I weren't a stay-at-home mom trying to be an entrepreneur, trying to support people and make some money as a coach....

Let's get real.

$45,000 is the most I've made in one year while HUSTLING as a part-time teacher at several colleges and universities around the Bay Area.

Out of ALL 37 years of my years.

TEN years ago.

My value doesn't lie in being (or pretending not to be) a stay-at-home mom.

My worthiness isn't going to come from continually striving to make a dollar coaching people.

I DON'T feel inherently worthy.

I feel invisible. 

I feel ignored.

I feel like a servant to a life I don't deserve. 

Let's get real.

There are days I feel differently.

And this is how I feel today. Right now. 

Maybe you've felt this way.

Maybe you feel this way around better sex.

I know I did. 

I was a servant to my partners' pleasure.

I did what I thought I had to do.

It wasn't coerced. It wasn't forced. 

I said yes. 

I said yes because it underscored my values.

Sex is a way to connect with someone you care about. And I so desperately wanted to connect.

I still do.

For me, connection is like breath. 

In fact, I could use some more breathwork right now and connection to myself...connection to the parts of me that are bent over double and sobbing. 

So what do you value? 

Do you value connection like me? 

Do you value honesty and authenticity?

Do you value love and family?

If you do, playing with my eight keys to better sex is going to underscore what you value...

AND bring you better sex. 

Whether you feel worthy of it is up to you.

Sending you love (and saving a little bit for me),

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