This Is Why You Have to Co-Create The Boundaries of Your Relationship

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I feel some shame around admitting it...


My partner Shaun and I went through many years where we locked ourselves into domestic roles and stereotypes that weren't really and truly us.

We took on "husband" and "wife."

(Though I severely dislike being called "wife." Call me partner. Call me spouse. Please don't call me wife.)

We took on "father" and "mother" and "Dad" and "Mom."

I took on head of household. He took on breadwinner.

It was painfully, painfully basic. 

And it wasn't really and truly us.

When a catalyst disrupted this life and shook us up and turned us upside down and spit us out, we came to remember who we really and truly are.

You see, just because you exchange vows or create a family or take on a new job or responsibility doesn't mean you have to give up who you are.

You have to integrate.

That's why in this week's episode of The Epic Couple's Journey Podcast, Shaun and I share how we co-create the style and boundaries and the expressions of our relationship.

Because it's deeply us.

It's unique. 

It's curated.

It's conscious.

It's intentional.

We talk about the different striations of love.

We explore definitions, expressions and situations that impact our sex, love, and relationship.

You'll hear me say, “The dynamic aspect I feel our relationship holds is the great intention and consciousness to co-create what we want it to be in any given moment.”

You'll also hear Shaun say, “We're still learning ourselves in this space, and we're still, at times, run by demons. Without a question we have to really dig deep to figure out why we're feeling the way we are.”

Tune in as we talk about attraction to and the involvement of a third person in our relationship and how we process it.

Then through our conversation, think about the container of your relationship.

Consider how the boundaries of your relationship affect your connection, growth and transformation.

Because this is your relationship...not anyone else's.

It's your needs and desires and fears and wounds that need to be addressed.

And together the two of you co-create your container for connection, healing and transformation.

Sending you both so much of my love,

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