What Do You Have Around Being Happy?

What do you have around being happy?

What do I have around being happy? I'm not worthy of being happy. I don't know how to be happy. Being happy is a risk. What if I decide to be happy and then CAN'T be happy? Is happiness even possible? I'm not sure it's even possible. How terrifying will it be to be happy when everyone around me isn't happy? 

What do I have around being happy?

What is happy? What does it feel like? What do I have to do, what do I have to sacrifice to be happy? Will people hate me if I'm happy? I hate happy people. They don't look so happy. What do they have to be happy about? I bet they're hiding something, something terrible and awful. Happiness is a show. It's a front. It's a cover. 

What do I have around being happy?

Happy. Happy is a bouquet of floating balloons. It's buoyant and...happy. It's colorful and light. And well...I don't feel colorful and light. Could I? Could I be? Could I feel colorful and light? Who would I have to be to be colorful and light? Well, I'd have to be lighter physically, that's for sure. And healthier....

What do -you- have around being happy? What do you have around being loved?

Shaun and I start off a little slow talking about Valentine's Day (yeah, we're behind the times) in this week's episode of the Epic Couples Podcast entitled Intentions and Expressions Around Practicing Love, Having Sex and Being Happy.

Then we get into the scapegoats, obstacles and fears that blocked and are blocking us from the connection, sex, and life we want.

I get it.

It’s a huge gamble to say the words "I’m unhappy. I’m unhappy with this marriage. I’m unhappy with this situation. I’m unhappy with our sex life. I am unhappy.”

Shaun and I have been there and occasionally still find ourselves there.

Take a listen as we explore what’s in the way of getting support when your relationship isn’t what you want it to be and what you can do to find your way to becoming an epic couple.

Hear me say, “There’s deep healing to be done in the relationship to get to better, deeper, more pleasurable sex for both people but there are so few resources to help you do that deep healing.”

Listen while Shaun says, “I can only go as fast or slow as my partner.” 

Through our conversation consider how you practice love with your partner with more than just words and actions.

Think about how you want to feel when you’re with your partner...what you want your days and nights to be like.

And then look at—just for a moment—what holds you back from having exactly what it is you desire.

You both deserve it. You're each worthy of it. And it is possible for you to be an epic couple experiencing an epic connection, epic sex, and an epic life together.

I believe in you,

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