3 Things Better Self-Pleasure Can Do For You

I want to invite you into your first memories of masturbating.

Was it pleasurable?

Was it celebrated?

Was it liberating?

How we learned to masturbate and how we continue to self-pleasure set the tone for how we feel and how we express and then how we share our sexuality.

If we change how we self-pleasure, we change how we show up for partnered sex.

So what can starting a sacred self-pleasure practice do for you?


Many of us are taught that masturbation is shameful. So when we self-pleasure, we have to hide, we have to be quiet, and we have to shrink down and contract our bodies and our pleasure.

If we rewire our bodies into the safety of celebrating pleasure, expressing our sensations, and expanding during self-pleasure, our bodies begin to experience more love and joy with greater permission and allowance.


Whether as a teenager or an adult, oftentimes our purpose in masturbating isn't to seek out and encourage pleasure. We may self-pleasure to relieve stress, to help us sleep, or to curb unwanted turn-on.

When we rewire our mindsets toward connection and toward honoring, we shift self-pleasuring from obligatory to a sacred act.


Feeling we have to hide self-pleasure can lead to feeling shame. Feeling shame can numb us and shut us down from feeling love and expressing love.

Pleasure is the sensation of joy and love. If you want to experience more self-love and self-acceptance, invite pleasure into your heart through the body.

Shifting from masturbation to a sacred self-pleasure practice can be a very vulnerable experience.

That's why I am honored to invite you into an online Sacred Self-Pleasure Workshop on February 28 from 12 - 1:30 pm PST for $33.


If you can't make it live, no worries.

I'll be sending you a recording of the workshop so you can participate on your own time.

And if you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts you want to share, hit reply and let's start a conversation. :)

Sending you so much love,

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