3 Ways to Connect with Your Unique Pleasure

It's funny.

Pleasure used to be a word I couldn't make sense of.

It's like the letters...

P - L - E - A - S - U - R - E

when you put them together...they didn't make sense to me.

It was like I was pleasure dyslexic.

It took me a long, long time to understand

Pleasure isn't just what we see in movies or in music videos or splashed across magazine ads.

Pleasure isn't just orgasmic energy.

Pleasure can be relaxing.

Pleasure can be soothing.

Pleasure can be nourishing.

Your unique pleasure...

My unique pleasure...

and the unique pleasure accessible in this very moment...

That pleasure varies.


Here are three ways to connect with your unique pleasure:

STEP ONE: Breathe

When we turn our focus to the breath, we experience the waves and natural pleasures of being alive. 

Take a moment to watch the cool air all around you enter your nostrils and go down your esophagus and warm to become a part of you as it enters your lungs.

Watch the warm air that's a part of you exhale out of your nose or mouth and become one with the universe.

Be in the simple pleasure of be-ing.

STEP TWO: Senses

Observe one of your senses at a time.

For just a few moments, look at what's around you. What do you notice that's green? What are a few things that are round? 

What do you smell? Inhale deeply and see what your nose picks up.

Close your eyes and listen. What sounds are in the room or the space where you're at? What sounds are just outside of your space in the distance? 

Do this for taste and touch, too, and be with the simple pleasure of your senses.

STEP THREE: Sensations

With your eyes closed or open scan your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. What sensations do you notice?

Do you notice anything tense or open? Warm or cool? Contracting or expanding? What pieces of you feel electric or numb...dull or tingly?

Where do you notice each of these sensations? Can you isolate their locations? 

Finally, consider what sensations feel pleasurable to you. Does a warm and smooth sensation feel pleasurable today? How about something expansive and flowing? What about something open and relaxed?


Your pleasure is unique to you and unique to this moment. We can avoid putting our pleasure in a box where it's isolated and lonely by welcoming it to express and experience in any shape and form it desires today.

To your pleasure...just as it is.

Sending you love,