How Living from the Heart Led to Being Multiorgasmic

I'm hoping I can be honest with you.

Last year I desired to start living more from the heart. 

I saw a coach about it. 

I did practices around it.

And mostly I left it alone...not knowing how to do it exactly.

For most of my life I've had to live from my mind and ignore my heart and my body.

I have a lot of stories around why that is, and they're less important than the simple desire I had to connect to my heart and lead from my heart.

While I'm weary of rags-to-riches stories and makeover stories, I know the exact moment everything changed for me.

Everything was different.

was different.

In part, I was at a crossroads.

I could see the path my mind wanted to take: It was well-worn, and I knew the hustle of how to travel it. 

In the contrast, I could see another path, too...a path I was drawn to from the center of my chest, but I had no idea what I could expect or how to walk it.

That's the thing with living from the heart, I've decided.

The heart wants what it wants. 

Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to it.

If you decide to be heart-led,

  • You have to surrender.

  • You have to trust. 

  • You are listening to the wisdom of your body.

  • You're in your sensations.

  • The present moment is your guide.

  • You feel so much.

  • You feel all of the things.

What I did not expect in choosing the path of the heart was to find myself in Multiorgasmic Land.

( To find out more, listen to Being Multiorgasmic and Sacred Self-Pleasure and She Comes First and Last on The Epic Couple's Journey Podcast. )

And it makes sense, you know?

Pleasure plus expansion plus surrender equals orgasm.

Photo by  Element5 Digital

Here are three steps you can take to get into your body and to listen to your heart and to get on the path to being multiorgasmic:


Begin by taking some deep breaths that reach all of the way into your lower belly beneath your belly button. You can do this sitting at your desk, standing in line at the grocery store, or on your own as part of a meditation. 

It helps if you can close your eyes—our eyes take in so much information in every moment—and really the point is to relax your focus so you can invite your mind to calm and to invite the wisdom of your body to step forward.

STEP TWO: Sensations

Scan your body for sensations. Sensations are things like heat or coolness, openness or contraction. Dull, achy, sharp. Soft, tingly, expansive.

( Here is a list of sensations to help you explore. )

You can try doing this from the top of your head down to the bottoms of your feet. You can start from the tips of your toes and scan up to your scalp. You can do it popcorn-style while noticing what sensations you are experiencing and the location of where you're experiencing them.


Take notice of the space in your chest and around your heart. What sensations do you notice? 

While focusing on this part of your body, ask yourself, What can bring me love, joy, and compassion in this moment? Notice any sensations you feel, and listen for the answers...even if they don't make sense.

Then live from the heart.

Capitalism and white patriarchy want us to focus on hustling to make money so we can buy things to prove we are worthy of love.

They convince us it's not safe or appropriate or productive to be heart-led when there's the possibility of pain and misunderstanding.

You are loved, loving, and lovable just as you are.

It's safe for you (and me) to live from the heart exactly as we are right now.

When you lead with your heart, you go to new, multiorgasmic places. 

Connect with me to learn how.

Sending you so much love on your journey,