Politicized Relationships and Sacred Vows

"I can see myself marrying you," Shaun said to me during the first week we started dating.

"I can see myself marrying you, too," I said.


Maybe what we actually meant was we could see ourselves spending the rest of our lives together.

Because years later he and I didn't want to get married.

A lot of that had to do with LGBTQIA+ rights.

If everyone didn't have the right to marry in the US (where we live), we didn't want to exorcise our privilege and get married either.


The social implications of marriage along with the legal benefits convinced us to do it.

We wanted his family to experience our relationship like we experienced it.

We also wanted to be able to share medical and dental insurance.

Ain't that a bitch?

I witness younger generations empowered to not have to compromise.

More social acceptance exists for long term relationships outside of marriage contracts.

And The Affordable Care Act in the United States makes health coverage more accessible.


I'm curious.

With more options to shift away from marriage contracts and politicized relationships and move toward sacred vows...

What do you want to say to your partner?

In this Vows and Relationship Rebirth episode of The Epic Couple's Journey Podcast, Shaun and I share our experiences getting married and a decade later renewing our vows after rebirthing our relationship.

Hear me say, “Even though we were young, we did our best to have a wedding that made sense to us.”

While Shaun says, “It was incredibly meaningful for us to recommit to ourselves, to our relationship and to our life as a choice.”

Tune in as we talk about co-creating beyond commitment as we continue to turn toward authenticity in our relationship.

Through our conversation, think about how to stay true to yourself through the years as you each grow while allowing your relationship to grow and blossom, too.

Consider the honoring that comes with deeply sharing in vulnerability and strength to renew and recommit to your relationship.

Sending you so much love,