What Do You Have Around Your Relationship?

What do you have around your relationship?

What do you have around your sex life?

What do you have around exploring your sexuality?

Photo by  Brooke Cagle

Photo by Brooke Cagle

On this week's episode of The Epic Couple's Journey Podcast, Shaun, Linnea and I use the What Do You Have Around... verbal communication tool.

Feel like you're arguing about nothing?

Set a timer for seven minutes and get underneath it by starting with the phrase "What do you have around..." and fill it in.

Keep it nice and simple; switch when the timer is up; and watch what happens.

In our case, the three of us share around future versions of ourselves while asking "What do you have future Linnea?" and future Shaun and future Daniela.

Hear Shaun ask, “Your final resting place. Could you pick it out? Where would it be?”

While I say, “It is too unsafe for me to look that far into my future.”

Linnea shares, “I've definitely thought of end of life in terms of how much dignity I want to have, my autonomy and what my wishes would be.”

Tune in as we talk about these visions of our future and how to care for one another.

Through our conversation, think about how you enter into difficult conversations in your relationship.

Consider how simple communication tools can create a safe container for deep expression and connection with your partner(s).

Sending love,

P.S. If you try it out, hit reply and tell me how it goes. I'm always AMAZED at what these simple tools can offer us inside our relationships.