You Are Perfectly Human and Sacred

I am new to sacred.

If you grew up or are in a religion or spirituality or nature, sacred may be common for you to practice or appreciate.

Photo by  Fancycrave

Photo by Fancycrave

For's not. 

I've lived a much more secular existence. 

It's not that I haven't felt awe and expansion around witnessing a sunset or looking up at the stars or with talking to the moon.

I've had moments of heart-bursting sensations while watching my children grow and connecting with my partners.

And they've felt...unexpected.

They've been...external.

They've come from a witnessing space.

As I've begun the slow titration of experiencing my self as sacred, I've noticed a lot of discomfort and thousands of questions.

How can I be human and sacred?

How can I be learning and sacred?

How can I be imperfect and sacred?

In general, it's a beautiful conundrum...a complexity about humanity and life that I absolutely love. 

From a personal's deeply painful, uncomfortable and confusing.

I've learned that sacred is unique and individual for each person, and when you accept what's authentic and true to you, that's where you meet sacred.

Sending you love on your journey with your sacred self,

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