Stan Tatkin

5 Things You Can Do To Reclaim Your Relationship

I invite you to turn and look at your partner. 

Maybe you just need to look up, and there they are across from you.

If you can't see your partner from your vantage point and you're in the same space, carry this email with you and go find them. 

If your partner and you are in different locations, I invite you to scroll to a picture of them.

This Is Why You Need a Scrum Master For Your Relationship

Ever wish you had someone who could guide you with what to say and do to make your partner feel amazing? 

Ever wish you could tell your partner or impart some magical wisdom to them about how to love you best and make you feel good?

Ever wish you knew how to prioritize your relationship amongst all your other commitments and responsibilities so you can experience deep intimacy and connection with your partner more often?