holding space

5 Things #MeToo Needs You To Heal In Your Relationship

When I shared with my partner that the foundation of my sex life has been guilt and pressure and performing pleasure for the benefit of lovers I've been with...

It didn't go well.

My partner and I were frozen around what to do after this revelation.

What did it mean about our relationship?

5 Things You Can Do To Reclaim Your Relationship

I invite you to turn and look at your partner. 

Maybe you just need to look up, and there they are across from you.

If you can't see your partner from your vantage point and you're in the same space, carry this email with you and go find them. 

If your partner and you are in different locations, I invite you to scroll to a picture of them.

Bring Out Your Partner's Worst to Discover Their Truth (Here's How)

We all know what love feels like. 

Your chest expands. It feels full. You feel light and clear. Your smile can't get any bigger. Your heart may even feel like it's cracking and breaking open to emerge even fuller than before. Your bones melt. Your insides are warm.