Day 3 of our 7-Day Self-Pleasure Intensive

Bring in conscious, open, fluid breath.

Even throughout your day notice your breath, deepen it, and allow yourself to feel good. 

Guided Audio Practice

To support your self-pleasuring practice and exploration, I've created this short guided audio you can use to play with breath.

Specifically I introduce connected breathing, which can:

- Activate and open up the entire body
- Integrate the primal, limbic, and cortical parts of the brain
- Open up and activate the energy body
- Create space for blocks, beliefs, etc. to be cleared from the bodymind

We also play with breathing directly into your genitals, which can:

- Activate your vulva or penis energetically
- Activate the sensations in your genitals
- Allow you to be more present in the sexual experience
- Bring heightened sensitivity and activation
- Encourage a sense of empowerment

Questions about breathwork? Comments? Concerns?
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