Hi, I'm Daniela!
(pronouns: she, her, hers)

With deep love and compassion
I am here to support you
and hold you accountable
to meeting your own needs and
having what it is you want and desire.

Are you ready to have the sex you want,
the intimacy you desire,
and a life you love?


Individual Coaching

If you are ready to commit to yourself,
if you are ready to invest in having what you want,
I can support you toward growth and transformation.

Embodied exercises and practices
steeped in neuroscience,
trauma healing, modern psychology,
and ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom
will get you the results you’ve been looking for.

Then you can choose with clarity
what is authentic and true for you
as well as what's right for you to
THRIVE in your life.


My goal is to:

  • Help clarify your dreams, desires, and direction 

  • Design a custom action plan just for you

  • Enhance all of your skills 

  • Optimize your inner and outer environment 

  • Support proficiency of your bodymind and emotions


Who Am I?

tahoe profile.jpg

Hi, there! I am Daniela (she/her/hers pronouns).

For me, nothing is more important than connection.

With close to twenty years of experience teaching in college classrooms, yoga studios, and working with people one-one-one, I am here to support you in connecting with your inner wisdom, your body, and your sexuality.

For me, connection is where love and compassion meet, and it is the foundation for creating a relationship within that meets your needs, heals your wounds, and allows for your deepest desires to be fulfilled.

I look forward to guiding you.

I could not have anticipated how impactful it would be to work with Daniela.

I came to her with issues I was having related to my inability to access sexual pleasure, as well as intimacy issues I was having with my partner.

Over our sessions together, Daniela led me through a number of embodied experiences and taught me an array of tools to help me access deeper truths underneath my feelings of fear and discomfort around pleasure.

She is incredibly kind, patient, and open, I felt trust with her immediately.

I would highly recommend working with Daniela, her methods are more actionable and readily usable than traditional talk therapy.

Her techniques allowed me to feel and experience change and actual results!
— K L
Daniela has diverse wisdom for so many different experiences in life, she has a rare gift for asking good questions in life coaching, perspectives on intimacy, and always with a gentle respect!
— Joseph


I invite you to share with me any
additional questions or concerns you have.
You can email me at daniela@danielatanner.com
or schedule a complimentary consultation with me.