Creating a Couple Bubble

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Daniela and Shaun talk about their experience creating a couple bubble as inspired by Layla Martin and Stan Tatkin in his book Wired for Love. Specifically they talk about what  it would feel like to have connection in their relationship along with how they each of them contribute to more and to less connection in their relationship.

Hear Shaun say, “Especially when you’re stressed—mostly when you’re stressed—you don’t absorb what I’m telling you emotionally.

You might absorb them factually, but you don’t absorb what I’m telling as truth,” and Daniela says, “I will see you as an ally.”

Listen as they discuss Tatkin’s labels for different attachment styles such as anchor, island, and wave, in addition to their exploration of the differences between listening and really hearing one another.

Through their conversation explore for yourself what qualities you want and need in your relationship, imagine where you overlap and where you don’t with your partner, and be inspired to explore your unmet needs to create a couple bubble for your relationship.

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