Desiring Erotic Connection

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Daniela and Shaun discuss their sexual desires as a couple, including having a deeper connection, exploring their sexualities, and experiencing erotic connection together. Specifically they talk about the benefits of quantity and quality in addition to the definition of sex. 

Hear Shaun say, “In order to gain erotic fulfillment, in order to get that growth you want, you have to be vulnerable with your partner” while Daniela asks, “What can I do

and address in myself so I can get more pussy love?” Listen as they share their experiences with giving consent and having sex when they weren’t ready and how if they feel safe and connected, nothing they do could be wrong.

Through their conversation explore for yourself what desires you have with your partner around sexuality and how you define sex, including when sex starts and when sex ends. Be inspired to get vulnerable with your partner to experience epic sex and an epic connection to co-create an epic life together.

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