Start A Sex Practice

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Daniela and Shaun talk about defining sex, scheduling sex versus a sex practice, and how to know if the sex was good. Specifically they explore what their sex practice looks and feels like while discussing what questions to ask in a post-sex recap.

Hear Shaun say, “I don’t own any piece of your sexuality. I don’t own a single shred of your sexuality. Just like I don’t any other body part of yours” while Daniela says, “Scheduling sex puts sex in the chore column, and it feels better once

you’re done than actually being in the act of having sex.” Listen as they share their experiences with kids walking in on them while they’re having sex, the power of a gentle intention, and how to shift Blow Job Tuesdays into a sex practice.

Through their conversation explore for yourself what it would be like to have a marriage caseworker, what kind of a container you need to have epic sex, and what can happen if you have sex when you’re not ready. Be inspired to ask for consent, to make a request, and to co-create connected sex with your partner.

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