Don’t Be Scared of Tantra


What is your idea of Tantra?

Daniela and Shaun share their experiences exploring Tantra over the last few weeks. From expanding their sense of foreplay to witnessing each other in deeper pleasure, listen as they talk about a Tantric connection.

Hear Daniela ask Shaun, “What are you doing with all of the sexual and emotional energy you're experiencing that I perceive is building through the series of Tantric practices we’re doing?” Hear Shaun say, “Maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong because in the past I've thought the specific Tantra connection I have is with you. But if you aren't necessarily having that connection because you're in student mode…then the Tantric connection I have is actually with myself.” Tune in to experience Shaun’s breakthrough with understanding his experience with and the effects of Tantra.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation consider your preconceived notions around Tantra and what it’s about. Begin to look at what Tantra can bring to your relationship with yourself and how it can deepen a connection with your partner.