Drained Partners, Non-Existent Relationship

Drained Partners Non-Existent Relationship podcast art.PNG

Daniela and Shaun share their experiences around being drained and depleted after a family trip that left no room for their relationship. They explore how to save energy and how to generate energy at the end of the day for your relationship when you’ve given everything to work and kids. Listen as they discuss taking time for self and making your relationship a priority.

Hear Shaun say, “You take for granted that your partner is always going to be there,” while Daniela says, “What would it look like to save enough energy at the end of the day for your relationship?” Tune in as they look at obstacles for connection with your partner and talk about being present in your relationship.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation reflect on barriers to presence with your partner and the people and things you allow to deplete your resources. Explore the ways in which you can prioritize your relationship, make space for yourself, and practice love of your partner.

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