Finding the Fun in Your Relationship

Finding the Fun in Your Relationship podcast art.PNG

Daniela and Shaun discuss finding the fun in relationships and in life by considering what to say YES to and when to say NO. They explore the blocks and voices that are trying to protect them and keep them in their routine. Listen as they explore how to acknowledge these blocks and listen to these voices so there is space to say yes to run and to thriving.

Hear Daniela say, “You’re caught in the cycle. You’re caught in the routine. How does anyone find themselves in a space to realize they’re unhappy?” while Shaun says, “It’s about just saying yes…What we forget to do in our relationships is to just say yes to things that are outside of the routine.” Tune in as they share how to ask questions, say yes, and make your life epic.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation remember how your partner and you used to spend time together in the beginning when you were just beginning to date. See if you can stop—just for a moment—to tune into what would make you happy and how you can listen to your whims and just say yes. Then be curious about how listening to what you really want can lead to feeling alive and connected in your life and to your partner.

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