From Unhealthy Sex Patterns to Conscious Sex Positivity

From Unhealthy Sex Patterns to Conscious Sex Positivity podcast art.PNG

Daniela and Shaun share how they’ve moved toward reconnection and epic sex from a place of fear and depletion. They explore unhealthy patterns men and women absorb from society around sex. Listen as they talk about how intention and consciousness are needed for sexual agency and empowerment.

Hear Shaun say, “I guess I just don't have another pattern. I didn't have anything else to follow. I didn't have a pattern that said to me this woman really wants to be here with me.” Listen as Daniela says, “I am grateful that in the sex life we have set up, it feels like a habit and a pattern now. We've rewired our expectations and our relationship where you and I don't say yes to sex unless we're ready to say yes to sex. And even so, sometimes we move forward with a ‘maybe,’ but we communicate, ‘Let's try this and we'll be open to it and see what happens’ knowing that it's a maybe and it can become a no and we will stop.” Tune in as they look at how to speak a “yes,” “no,” and a “maybe” in your sex life.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation reflect on what kind of empowering sexual narrative you’d like to create and live from. Explore what sex means for you and what you desire to experience in your sex life.

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