Healing Core Wounds Inside Your Relationship

Healing Core Wounds Inside Your Relationship.PNG

Daniela and Shaun each share their core wounds and what it’s like trying to meet one another’s needs. Listen as they talk about how core wounds come about, why it is you are attracted to your partner, and how to heal within your relationship.

Hear Daniela say, “There’s something from your history, your past, your childhood, that invites that particular fight or argument to be so tender” while Shaun says, “Healing that core wound is an ongoing task. You’re never really at

the end of that journey, but it does get easier the more you practice it.” Tune in as they discuss how to be conscious of your partner’s wounds and your own and how to engage in a practice of deep healing.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation, consider reoccurring arguments in your relationship to find core wounds at play and how your past affects your relationship. See the opportunities you have for healing when comparing the dynamics with your caregivers and now between your partner and you. 

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