Jade Egg and Your Relationship

Jade Egg and Your Relationship podcast art

What can a jade egg bring to your sex life?

Daniela and Shaun talk about jade eggs, what constitutes a jade egg practice, and what it brings to their sex life. From normalizing women’s health and sexuality to providing a deeper connection and greater sensitivity, listen as they talk about a jade egg practice.

Hear Shaun say, “Hold on. Timeout. Can you tell me what the hell is a jade egg? I don't think we talk about this very much.” Hear Daniela say, “It’s another one of those things around women's health and women's sexuality that is completely ignored. And so the sentiment is don't talk about it, and you have to live with it. It's not going to get better. You get to just sit in shame around it. And hopefully that also shuts you up around it so you don't talk about it.” Tune in to hear Daniela explain the power of a strong and relaxed pelvic floor for great sex.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation consider social-conditioning in long term relationships around your partner’s sexuality being yours and theirs being yours. Begin to look at how a strong individual connection to your sexuality with something like a jade egg practice can empower the intimacy and sex in your relationship.

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