Permission to Feel Your Emotions

How safe is it for you to feel your emotions around your partner?

Daniela and Shaun discuss connection and how vulnerable sharing is key whether you’re at your high school reunion, buying groceries, or with your partner. From everyday experiences of a variety of emotions to the biggest blow-ups resulting in hyperarousal and hypoarousal, listen as they share their experiences and how to avoid a stalemate.

Shaun says, “You’re not going to fix it. It's almost like you invite them into coming into balance.” Hear Daniela say, “When I actually honor how I feel and what I want to do as opposed to fighting it, feeling guilty about it, judging myself around it…it passes so naturally.” Tune in to hear Daniela and Shaun explain how holding space for your partner gives them permission to feel what they feel.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation consider whether you talk over your partner, attempt to fix them, or tell them how they’re wrong as opposed to holding space for them to feel and figure things out on their own. Begin to look at your own patterns of reaction around emotional expression while being curious about how you can support your partner in deep healing.