Presence and Presents

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Daniela and Shaun explore coming to your relationship when you’re not at full capacity or when your partner isn’t at full capacity as well as how to give and receive love. Listen as they talk about what happens when Daniela isn’t fully emotionally, mentally and physically present in their relationship and what it feels like for Shaun’s love language and requests to be ignored.

Hear Shaun say, “How do I engage you—or do I engage you—when you’re less than 100%

capacity?” while Daniela says, “This is the foundation of why most relationships aren’t happy, because they aren’t speaking each other’s love languages.” Tune in as they discuss slowing down in order to avoid curt reactions and filling themselves up with love by meeting their own needs.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation, consider how much time and energy you make available for your relationship and whether you’re putting everyone else’s needs above your own. Think about how you can slow down your life to be more present for your partner and for yourself to live and be the way you want to be.

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