Reclaim Your Relationship From Parenting Responsibilities

Reclaim Your Relationship Fro Parenting Responsibilities podcast art.PNG

How can you reprioritize yourself and your relationship while parenting?

Daniela and Shaun share what they both lost individually and as a couple when they became parents. Daniela asks if parenting is really the key or if homeownership or being a workaholic can also contribute to this experience of forgetting who you are and how to be together. Listen as they talk about how to slow the momentum of parental responsibility to remember yourself and your relationship.

Hear Daniela ask, “When we were in the chapters of our relationship where we'd lost ourselves individually and who we were as a couple, do you have a sense of what we lost?” Listen as Shaun says, “When they do go to school and suddenly you have just the slightest bit of time to yourself or time for your relationship, it's hard to be like, ‘Where do we even pick up? What do I do? What did we do before? How did I do it before? Wow. How did we even live before this?’” Tune in as they look at how becoming a parent reorganizes and jumbles all of your responsibilities and priorities.Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation reflect on the effects of parenthood on your relationship and sense of self. Explore how you can divert some energy from parenting to your partner’s and your needs and wants and desires and dreams.

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