Self-Pleasuring In Relationships

Self-Pleasuring in Relationships podcast art.PNG

Daniela and Shaun each share their self-pleasure practices and how those practices influence their relationship. Listen as they explore how the way in which you start masturbating affects how you have you feel about pleasure and sex with your partner.

Hear Daniela say, “So many people get stuck in a particular position or a particular way of climaxing or orgasming because of how they started as a kid” while Shaun says, “Maintaining a relationship with yourself is equally as important as maintaining a relationship with your partner. The happier you come into your relationship the more you are likely to help mend your relationship or make it better, allow it to grow, listen to your partner, and meet their needs if they’re unhappy.” Tune in as they discuss the benefits of playing, exploring and letting go to connect with yourself and with your pleasure.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation remember how you first started exploring your body and your pleasure and how it felt. Be open to whether there’s a connection between how you self-pleasure and how you have sex. Then be curious about how a transformation in your connection to your sexual self can benefit your relationship. 

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