Sex Practices and Relaxation

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Daniela and Shaun talk about how difficult it is to set down priorities and responsibilities to relax. They share how their weekly sex practice offers an opportunity to feel safe and to tune in to connect to one another. Listen as they discuss Shaun’s perception of happiness as a weakness and Daniela’s inability to relax.

Hear Daniela say, “Time with you recalibrated my nervous system so I was capable of setting down these things that would keep my mind busy. My body felt safe and grounded and secure. It felt happy and connected and loved, so I didn't have my brain running in circles.” Listen as Shaun says, “It feels like happiness is a setup.” Tune in as they look at the attraction between fusers and isolators as a state of magnetism in relationships. 

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation reflect on when you allow yourself time to relax and how you can set up safety, love and acceptance in your sex life. Explore the ways in which you may have resistance to being happy in your life and where worthiness blocks connection, growth, and transformation in your relationship.

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