Shadows of a Third

Shadows of a Third podcast art.jpeg

What elements overshadow your ability to be present to your relationship?

Daniela (prefers she/her/hers pronouns) and Shaun (prefers he/his/him pronouns) talk about recent blocks they’ve experienced to intimacy, connection, and sex. When family time, trauma, and work overshadow time and energy for their relationship, Daniela and Shaun go easy on themselves.

Hear Shaun say, “If I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and I don't examine why I feel the way I'm feeling you or someone at work will say, ‘Hey, you're unhappy today,’ and it will become that” while Daniela says, “I hear us both saying we need something to anchor to so it’s okay to feel how we're feeling.” Tune in as Daniela and Shaun explore identifying, expressing and understanding the root of emotions in addition to how they each need different things to process their emotions.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation consider what blocks cut off access to connection in your relationship and impact sex and intimacy between you. Begin to cultivate love and compassion while developing the skills to hold space for yourself and your partner.