Shifting From #MeToo to #EnthusiasticYes In Your Relationship

Shifting From #MeToo to #EnthusiasticYes In Your Relationship podcast copy.PNG

How has the #MeToo Movement affected your relationship?

Daniela and Shaun talk about sex, shame, and power and how #MeToo affects long term relationships. While developing a spectrum ranging from Harvey Weinstein to Aziz Anzari, listen as they discuss needing to evolve past the idea of consent around sex.

Daniela says, “Maybe consent is just the legal threshold.” Hear Shaun say, “Let’s not have sex unless there's an enthusiastic yes on both sides.” Tune in as Daniela and Shaun explore people agreeing to have sex out of fear of losing their partner and fear of never having sex again while betraying their bodymind’s wants and needs.

Through Daniela and Shaun’s conversation consider the times in which you’ve gone through with sex with your partner when you haven’t been ready or have needed to stop. Begin to look at the ways in which you can deepen your intimacy and connection when having sex only when you’re both an #enthusiasticyes.

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